Biancoshock – Ephemeralism 2015

Together with his recent collaboration with John Fekner and projects such as his sponsored performance on Facebook or the special interventions for Memorie Urbane and CityLeaks, Biancoshock (interviewed and featured) created a series of what he often describes as ephemeral experiences in several European cities that highlight aspects related to the violence of public institutions, the migration crisis, censorship, the uncertainty of tomorrow, our addiction to the internet and social media, as well as the flaws of a subculture and movement that has distanced itself from its core values.

His interventions in the urban space always seek to provoke a reaction, a moment of reflection and awareness of how much we influence the reality around us through our everyday actions and what we can change to grow as human beings. The humorous approach carries a more profound insight on what causes the current social issues and their long-term effects. Hatred, fear, vanity, abuse of power, narcissism, freedom and dependence become part of a bold artistic discourse which constantly questions the given order of present things and events.



Collaboration with Elfo in Koln, Germany.

As we were walking home one night we met Victor and asked him for a cigarette.

When we got home we devised an experiment: we’ve seen artists grown like mushrooms, artistic careers take off in no time, big names appear and then disappear overnight.

Do you want to try to be a street artist for one night? We have a can of green spray, one of orange, one of black and a whole city as a canvas. You can do whatever you want.

Why not – he said.



FraBiancoshock - Public Order

FraBiancoshock - Public Order

Special improvisation for Nuart Festival, Stavanger, Norway. View more from Nuart 2015.



FraBiancoshock - A signal

FraBiancoshock - A signal

In April 2015, Lithuania has censored the Russian TV channel RTR Planeta, accusing it of disinformation and incitement to hatred against Ukraine. The artist analyzed the situation and created a reinterpretation of No Signal, international symbol that indicates an interruption of programming.

“The new resulting symbol represents the famous symbol of peace, and the message will change from No signal to A signal, a signal of peace, to indicate how the censorship, a measure that is usually perceived with negativity and synonymous with coercion, in this case is seen as a sign of peace and freedom, a break against a disinformation that wants to incite hatred, in this way it invites citizens to inform themselves through other channels and not remain passive.

The context in which the new signal has been placed (through prints applied on wall) strongly emphasizes the need to give a strong signal to avoid new fights, new hatreds and, consequently, further periods of destruction, crisis and difficulties.

This artistic intervention is NOT a position from a political perspective, but it is a simple gesture that highlights the contradictions that exist in our contemporary world between the concepts of freedom and censorship.”

Uzupis – Vilnius, Lithuania. 2015




FraBiancoshock - Right of Way

“Through a minimal gesture of cut and rotate the sign of right of way you get a shape that reminds a paper boat. This unstable and precarious boat represents the actual tragic situation of migrants.”

25 pieces distributed in the main streets of Milan, 2015.



FraBiancoshock - #picoftheday

‘#PICOFTHEDAY’, Lithuania, 2015

FraBiancoshock in Vilnius

Urban intervention in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015

FraBiancoshock in Milan

Milan, 2015

FraBiancoshock - TO.MOR.ROW

‘TO.MOR.ROW’. Unclear, uncertain. 2015

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Images © Biancoshock

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