Faith47 and Dane Dodds – Landfill Meditation

South African artist Faith47 and director Dane Dodds have released Landfill Meditation, a collaborative video inspired by the artist’s street paste series of broken down cars.

The car, a symbol of mobility and advance in contemporary society, ironically becomes an image of immobility, a statement of unfulfilled perfection, the broken promise of social evolution. Crashed, abandoned, rusted and suffocating for whoever remained lost inside its deadly womb, the car becomes a metaphor for the illusion of prosperity, comfort and safety, of respect towards nature, which is greater than its useless remains. It becomes simply trash, but a trash that we as humans have created and cannot disconnect of its existence, as we cannot deny our impact on the environment and world that we have changed sometimes in damaging ways.

We see these fictional yet possible cars in spaces that perhaps were once full of beauty and love, but now are homes of waste, solitude and despair, of nothingness, where traces of life take the form of litter and challenge the viewer to stop ignoring this unsettling reality which is sadly alive and part of our own, even though we refuse to accept it, to acknowledge that we witness a result of our own actions.

“This project is reflecting on the notion of progress and the waste that it leaves behind,” says Faith47. “This is about integrating the worst parts of ourselves and acknowledging the damage we do to the planet as a whole.”

“We cannot separate ourselves clean and perfect from the trash we dump out back,” says the video’s voiceover, adapted from Native American author Gerald Vizenor’s short story collection, Landfill Meditation. “Being clean is a delusion.”


Faith47 - I can't breathe/ Photo by Dane Dodds



About Faith47

Faith47 is an internationally acclaimed artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Following an active street art career spanning more than 15 years, her work can now be found on streets and in galleries around the world. Her upcoming solo show, Aqua Regalia, opens on Thursday, November 19th, 2015, at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York.

About Dane Dodds

Born in 1994, the year of South Africa’s first democratic elections, Dane burst onto the international scene last year with Larney Jou Poes, an incendiary music video for Dookoom that premiered on Vice and sparked heated discussions about the conditions of farm workers and the threat of farm uprisings in the Western Cape. Named one of the Mail and Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans in 2015, Dane hosted his first solo exhibition, 1994, in Tromsø, Norway, earlier this year.

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Director: Dane Dodds
Assistant director and artist: Faith47
Music: Sylvan Aztok
Co-editor: Marte Aasen
Male voice: Nigel Penn
Female voice: Nkuli Mlangeni
A White Dwarf Tale

Images courtesy of Faith47

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