The paintings of Christer Karlstad

In his powerful paintings, Norwegian artist Christer Karlstad creates a world based on myths, symbols and archetypes, where time stands still to capture man’s return to nature. The absence of architectural structures and elements related to the city is part of the “staged mysticism” and contributes to the work’s ambiguity.

Although natural at first sight, at a closer look, the embrace between humans and animals, with men and women depicted in a state of unconsciousness, during sleep or perhaps following their last breath together, is contradictory in its essence, as normality is continuously challenged by the unknown force that has united or reunited them in the first place.

There is also no clear relationship between man and this strange environment that seems new and familiar at the same time, comforting and disturbing, both good and evil, sometimes mild, sometimes harsh. Yet the feeling of solitude remains, a sense of not belonging, as if all that was once known has suddenly vanished, reaching the end of a story and the beginning of a totally different journey and experience, awaited quietly in this almost absurd moment of transition until another gate unlocks in the curious forests of the mind.

Christer Karlstad - Force Field, 110x110 cm

‘Force Field’, 110×110 cm

C. Karlstad - Force Field 3, 110x110 cm

‘Force Field 3’, 110×110 cm

C. Karlstad - Monarch, 93x93 cm

‘Monarch’, 93×93 cm

C. Karlstad - Song of Protest, 140x120 cm

‘Song of Protest’, 140×120 cm

C. Karlstad - Borderland, 120x94 cm

‘Borderland’, 120×94 cm

C. Karlstad - Aeon, 180x135 cm

‘Aeon’, 180×135 cm

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Images © Christer Karlstad

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