The art and furniture of Benjamin Nordsmark

Danish artist and cabinetmaker Benjamin Nordsmark creates ludic representations and conceptual juxtapositions of ordinary objects and furniture, changing their context and functionality in a fusion of extraordinary craftsmanship, powerful ideas and attention to detail.

Through his works, the artist reaches an impressive result of compelling uniqueness and evocative simplicity, generating a thought-provoking and strong visual impact that challenges the viewer to perceive things from another perspective, taking the audience out of the comfort zone to face the absurdity of certain actions and preconceived thoughts.

Using light to show the effect of globalization in the future, ‘hiding’ Gustave Courbet’s ‘The Origin of the World’ inside numerous frames opposed to how we tend to filter its meaning through a single framework, turning the everyday table into a playground to highlight the nostalgia of childhood games, imagining how certain behaviors could manifest in different eras or analyzing the unconscious human response to situations and environment, Benjamin Nordsmark guides us towards a complex understanding of reality and how we can change it.

Benjamin Nordsmark - Globalization Globe

‘Globalization Globe’

“The Globalization Globe was inspired by the satellite photos of the earth by night. With increasing global population, what would the earth look like by night in the future?

By drilling thousands of holes on all the land areas of the globe, the warm, atmospheric light beams through creating powerful projections on nearby walls and surfaces. Incidentally, the surrounding areas of the globe are engulfed in shadow and darkness.

The strong contrast created between the black painted surface and the golden light and brass base is designed to illustrate the foreboding effect globalization will have in our future.”

BenjaminNordsmark - The Beauty of distraction

‘The Beauty of Distraction’

BenjaminNordsmark - Labyrinth Table

‘Labyrinth Table’

“The Labyrinth Table was created to show how a wellknown object like a table can be given an extra dimension by creating a small universe inside of it. The labyrinth consists of several walls under a sheet of diamont glass, and inside of it there are six characteristic figures that can be moved around by handles underneath it. Most people possibly remember from their childhood how they used to play with miniature figures in small universe similar to the real world. And these nostalgic feelings are the ones that the table should generate in people minds and encourage them to explore and go deeper into the story of the labyrinth. The table was built up with a main core in steel to make it strong enough to last for decades and was later on covered up with 5 mm. of massive maple wood. A nice thing about this detail is that the handles stick to all the surfaces on the table because of the magnetism.”

BenjaminNordsmark - PTSD - Iron Gun

BenjaminNordsmark - PTSD - Wounded but alert

PTSD project – ‘IronGun’ / ‘Wounded but Alert’

“To create focus on the war veterans with the condition PTSD I have put myself as an artist into the mind of them to try picture how serious this subject is. I have created five heavy items that reflect my perception about how these people could experience everyday objects.”

BenjaminNordsmark - Bell Watch

‘Bell Watch’

BenjaminNordsmark - Selfie 1976

‘Selfie 1976’

BenjaminNordsmark - The Box

‘The Box’

BenjaminNordsmark - Fuco Ueda Chair

‘Fuco Ueda’ Chair, pine wood, acrylic paint, spraypaint and clear lack, height 78 cm x seat 47 cm x width 46 cm

The chair was inspired by the Japanese painter Fuco Ueda: “She is always using Japanese schoolgirls in her paintings, and they are often in very strange scenarios. The girls always have red knees and elbows and often wearing blue dresses.”

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