The works of Ana Frois

Portuguese architect and self-taught illustrator Ana Frois beautifully combines architectural structures with natural elements, delicately integrating the human figure in her works, another great finding on ArtRebels.

Her characters and tiny houses seem to intersect in an undefined time and space, perhaps in the artist’s memories and dreams, in a playful and sometimes nostalgic way. Ana Frois simplifies each form and idea, highlighting her personal vision of the world, emotions and observations of everything she connects with, always careful to leave a blank space for the viewer to fill in with his own imagination.

A. Frois - Double


Ana Frois - Russian bank

‘Russian bank’

A. Frois - Façade


Ana Frois - Inside (II)

‘Inside (II)’

A. Frois - Green House

‘Green House’

A. Frois - Black Walden

‘Black Walden’

A. Frois - Tiny houses (I)

‘Tiny houses (I) ’

Ana Frois - Theatre


Ana Frois - Don't step on the flowers

‘Don’t step on the flowers’


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