The illustrations of Mitucami Mituca

The works of Spanish illustrator Yolanda Oreiro, known as Mitucami Mituca and currently based in Barcelona, appear to show the aspects that connect and sometimes drive humans apart, what we share and what we leave behind, the things that we cannot reach or the worlds we can only imagine.

She is actively involved with the Zines culture being not only a collaborator but a co-founder of ‘Esporas Invasoras’ Zine. Mitucami enjoys working with a wide colorful palette over different mediums and using different techniques, however, what caught our attention is the following selection, where the use of less colors has a greater impact on the stories, fragments and emotions that she intends to highlight.

Mitucami Mituca - In between us

Yolanda Oreiro - In between us

Yolanda Oreiro - In between us

Yolanda Oreiro - In between us

‘In between us’ series

Yolanda Oreiro - Memories


Yolanda Oreiro - Mirror


Yolanda Oreiro - Tea time

‘Tea time’

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All images © Yolanda Oreiro aka Mitucami Mituca

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