Alexandru Nimurad – the creator of emotions

Heavily influenced by mythology, biology and astronomy, young designer Alexandru Nimurad, currently based in Bucharest, creates a wide range of emotions to tell stories about life.

Led only by the simplicity and purity of a dream, of the new story, the characters reveal their feelings with each detail added to the work.

With studies completed in both architecture (at the Bucharest University of Architecture and Urbanism) and fashion design (at the Bucharest University of Arts), Alexandru engages in experiments from fashion design and architecture to graphic design and illustration, having numerous collaborations with advertising agencies, artists and designers.

The most interesting part is that these experiments collide, mix and juxtapose to generate unexpected and impressive results.

Serinus Canaria

Serinus Canaria

Serinus Canaria

Serinus Canaria 1

Serinus Canaria

Serinus Canaria

Serinus Canaria – editorial for Cockaigne #4

Photo: Vlad Bîrdu // Wardrobe & storyboard: Alexandru Nimurad
MUA/hair: Mihaela Cherciu | Make-up Artist // Model: Ramona Tănase
Text: Norbert Matei



The Serinus Canaria illustrations and the Mandragora installation where also exhibited at Art Yourself Gallery – view photos.

Drops of color



Part of the Mineral White series







Part of the Elemental experiments

“It is something rather strange about the primordial elements fire, earth, air and water; strange because they are so close to us.They have been always used as symbols for certain characteristics within ourselves. Let’s say ‘burning love’, or ‘nurturing maternity’, or ‘changing like water’. These are facts, we have many things in common with them.

What is the relationship between one element and the shape one body has, or how a feeling is? We all know what fire is (for example), but can we experience something as close as the feeling itself? And I mean the whole picture, something as close as being the element itself.

That is what ‘Elemental’ experiments, the way the elements represent parts of us. They are all, for sure, present in different quantities, but they manage to coexist and create like a puzzle what we are calling ‘human’”.

Photo: Vlad Bîrdu // Costumes: Alexandru Nimurad // Post processing: Alexandru Nimurad, Vlad Bîrdu
Makeup/ Hair: Diana ionescu // Model: Marie Damian, MRA Models


Part of Noir series

We hunt we are hounds

Alexandru Nimurad

“We may think that we are unique individuals, that we live in the present and we only get to change our environments.
But it’s not like that.
We live for the next second, for the next day and things around us shape the way we choose our joys and sorrows.
We are hounds, we move for the future”.


Part of the Witchcraft series

T-shirt design for men

T-shirt design for girls

All images © Alexandru Nimurad

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