The characters of Agostino Iacurci

Currently active in Rome and Nuremberg, Italian artist Agostino Iacurci enjoys playing with flat shapes, intense colors and open titles, always careful to the context and architectural details of spaces for his future murals, to the silent stories of his characters and the softly curbed lines of his drawings.

Wandering without any clear direction on their bikes, climbing imaginary stairs or swimming in infinite oceans, the characters lack any gesture which could have exposed a feeling, a thought or belief, and calmly seem to accept the sometimes strange situations they are faced with.

Water is a predominant motif, as well as other natural elements, harmoniously intersecting with human figures or even becoming part of them. Isolation opposes unity, absurd happenings leave the characters in a mute dialogue and in front of this whimsically constructed imagery the viewer is left to question his own place in his limited or endless reality.

Small wheel, big wheel exhibition

Part of the Small wheel, big wheel exhibition, at Wundekammern gallery, February 2014


Zero Infinito

Zero Infinito, Rome


Densers, created during LGZ festival, Moscow, Russia.


Abithoudini, Turin, Italy. Photo by Marcello Goggio

Future simple

Future simple, Las Armas district, Zaragozza, Spain


Autostalk, Zagreb, 2012.  Made for MUU, Zagreb Urban Art Museum.


aRenatoMemorie Urbane Festival, Gaeta, Italy.



Grafts, made for B2B 55°Biennale di Venezia, Campo Sant´Agnese, Venice.

La finta nonna

Illustration for the novel La finta nonna, contained in Fiabe Italiane by Italo Calvino.



Part of Bagnasciuga series

Il finto tondo

Part of Il finto tondo series

All images © Agostino Iacurci

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