The drawings of Alex Bancoș

Young Graphic Arts student Alex Bancoș explores “the more or less noble sides of the human being”. Often, his drawings outline distortions of the human body, with a focus on hands as symbolic elements of human presence and ingenuity, and at the same time, “the means by which we alter our environment; capable of tenderness as well as cruelty”.

He enjoys working in pencil, but is lately interested in digital art. Although he states that through drawing he seeks to induce a state of confusion to the viewer, there are certain elements guiding towards different interpretations, some using music as metaphor.

Alex Bancoș - Infinite


A. Bancoș - Sapient Mechanics

‘Sapient Mechanics’

 A. Bancoș - Piano Duet 1

‘Piano Duet 1’

 A. Bancoș - Piano Duet 2

‘Piano Duet 2’

A. Bancoș - The Baritone

‘The Baritone’

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Images © Alex Bancoș