Horațiu Lazăr: I enjoy ‘painting’ my photographs

Romanian photographer Horaţiu Lazăr studied Advertising Design at the Studium University College: “Here is where my passion for photography began, in 1999, when digital photography was at its start”.

Horaţiu Lazăr

His evolution, technically speaking, was a normal one: point and shoot – bridge camera – DSLR – another DSLR.

Referring to his works, he states:

“I believe that ‘the eye’, the inspiration, is the only thing that matters, it is less important what camera you use.

Horaţiu Lazăr

I like colors, harmony, contrast, symmetry… All my photos are post edited, have warm colors and vintage shades.

Sea's memories

I enjoy ‘painting’ my photos and take the image where I want to, reshape reality and expose it as I see it. Maybe this explains my desire to experiment with digital collage”.


Horaţiu transforms a normal photo into a stunning result.

“I think that editing programs have radically changed the trend in photography and are very important for me. I cannot and do not wish to define my style… it is constantly changing and it will continue to change.”

Horaţiu Lazăr

Recently, Horaţiu “entered” the Instagram universe: “I don’t want to talk much about such a controversial topic for the ‘real photographers’, I just want to say that I was surprised at what you can do with a mobile phone and some photo editing apps”.

Concrete Jungle

Here are some recent works:

Gas masked ballerina

Instinctive Self

Face By Face

Keep in touch with Horaţiu on in his website, Instagram and Facebook.

All images © Horaţiu Lazăr

[Originally posted on May 8, 2013 on The re:art Facebook page; Revised for the current version].