The Sketchbook of Loreta Isac

We love sketchbooks, as we believe they reflect or at least highlight certain aspects of the artist’s thoughts and feelings, that are more intimate and may be intentionally left out of the final works. And there is something really special about the sketchbook of Loreta Isac. She studies human character, our thrills, pleasures and melancholia, inner monsters and emotions, from her own perspective, engaging in an introspective process, and also as an observer.

The red lines, dots and shapes seem to symbolize a positive force that connects the characters to another dimension or are perhaps an exit for those imprisoned in their own world and mind. We like the interesting geometry that Loreta Isac creates in her sketches, the recurrence of natural and cosmic elements, the symbols, the creative contrasts and juxtapositions that lead to new possible interpretations, and the very personal touch of each work.

Loreta Isac

Studying thrills

Human gravity

Made In Heights - Murakami

Last days of autumn

Divine monsters

Flying monster

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All images © Loreta Isac

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