From their ignominious street a̶̶r̶̶t̶̶ movie Amo-Te Lisboa, now available online, to their upcoming infamous show TOYS opening on February 26th, 2016, CANEMORTO continue to offer a fresh perspective on the intersection between street art and contemporary art, refusing to follow the rules of the art market and not afraid to comment on issues they believe to be upsetting, such as “the attitude of many so-called street artists, especially the newcomers”.

As the Italian trio discussed with us in a recent interview: “There is a whole army of people coming from applied arts (graphic design, interior design, architecture…) with a marketing-oriented mind; they don’t know shit about the history of graffiti writing, not even about the history of painting (which is born on walls, not on canvas…). These people paint a couple of walls in the back of their house following the street trend of the moment, take good pics, make Facebook and Instagram pages (often with their real names alongside the street ones), publish the pics and get the likes, then they get the attention of the street art websites and finally they get commissions and invitations to festivals… At this point they become fully convinced to be fresh and original, and they call each other kings. Kings of what?”.

Their solo show TOYS, presented by Section 80, is directly linked to the movie Amo-Te Lisboa, produced by CANEMORTO in 2015 and documenting more than 50 unauthorized wall paintings created in the streets of the Portuguese capital, and acts as a sequel, in which the three characters of the movie, back to Italy, decide to leave street painting and undertake an implausible career in the contemporary art world.


According to the artists, the title of the show exposes the fake and incompetent writers in the graffiti world, and is an ironic reflection of the ambiguous border between street art, graffiti and contemporary art. Invited in residency by Superfluo, CANEMORTO have worked three weeks inside the exhibition space, producing a series of new artworks, which range from paintings to sculptures and videos.



The show opens on February 26th, 6 pm, and is on view through March 26th, each Wednesday and Friday, 3-7 pm, or by appointment: (Superfluo, via Carlo Farini 35, 20159 Milano, Italy).



CANEMORTO (featured) is an Italian trio active in the streets since 2007, characterized by a rough and brutal painting style. They have realized wall paintings and exhibitions all around Europe, building a personal language which combines graffiti elements with an imaginary religion based on an evil dead-dog divinity.





Section80 is a production company created to do research and to put it out there for the use of the production world. They select, host, and represent a generation of local talents that want to express themselves in a complex world. They produce original content such as short films, documentaries, zines and events, aiming to contribute to the renewal of the system.

Superfluo is a space and community project raised from Section80 and growing fast with talented people getting together in a unique contemporary alchemy.

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Images courtesy of CANEMORTO