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Breath – Time to recharge is a project aiming to fight deforestation through an environmental art intervention, an organic drawing made of 5,000 new trees planted on Mount Olivella, in Southern Italy. Conceived and curated by Antonio Oriente and Incipit, and designed by Spanish artist Escif, Breath will be financed via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and the profits of Damien Rice’s first concert in Naples, at Teatro Acacia, on May 19th, 2017.



Breath will contribute to reducing the risk of hydrogeological instability in the area of Gulf of Sapri, in Southern Italy, caused by Mount Olivella’s partial deforestation by the middle of 1700s.

By planting 2,500 holm oaks and 2,500 maples, Breath will revive Mount Olivella, bringing balance and protecting the environment. Each new tree will represent a new breath for the mountain. Tree planting will take place in September 2017, followed, in 2019, by the planting of 2,000 more maple trees to fully recharge the battery artwork.



The artwork is a battery made of 5,000 indigenous trees, which depicts the energy cycle. The holm oaks will form its external structure, which will be clearly visible throughout the year, while the maples will form the internal structure, with the color and shape varying according to the seasons – light green during spring, bright green in the summer, red during autumn and completely bare in the winter.

Breath follows the rhythms of time and Earth. Always renewing and regenerating itself, it contrasts the hysterical acceleration of technological civilization with the celebration of a nature repeating its never-ending cycle.

Breath comes with a strong, global message: our natural resources are running out, we need to protect our planet.
And, same as with a battery, the Earth needs to be recharged in order to work correctly.


Breath - Time to recharge

Breath - Time to recharge / Four seasons



February-March 2017: Crowdfunding campaign. Click here to support the project.
May 19th, 2017: Damien Rice will perform live in Naples. Buy tickets here.


Breath project / Escif


September 2017: First forestation (the artwork will appear as a low battery)
September 2019: Second forestation (high battery)
September 2020: Nature follows its own course.

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Escif is an artist from Valencia, Spain, where he started painting graffiti in 1996. Through murals, public interventions, video, installations and drawings, Escif experiments life as an open process of knowledge and knowledge as an open process to experiment life.

Escif uses art to approach different concepts: environmental issues, economical strategies, social movements, capitalism, politics, macropolitics and micropolitics, street life, food-related issues. His minimalist works convey a clear and direct message, encouraging viewers to become aware of what is happening around them instead of enjoying them on a purely aesthetic level.

More info on his website, on Facebook and Instagram.

Breath project / Escif - Save the mountain

Breath project / Escif - The cabbage globe


Incipit was created in Sapri (Salerno, Italy) with the aim to establish new nationwide networks and to host artists from all over the world.

Incipit responds to our need to take action in the world through beauty and work, passion and culture. Art is a way to interact with people and places, the beginning of a path, an incipit which aims to scatter traces, letting them change and imbue themselves with new meanings along the way.

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Info, images and video courtesy of Incipit.