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Nasui collection & gallery presents the solo show ‘Superstitions’ featuring new artworks by Romanian sculptor Bogdan Rața, on view at the Postmodernism Museum through November 23rd, 2015 (Șos. București Nord 15-23, Swan Technology Park, Kingston building, Pipera, Bucharest).

The recent set of sculptures marks the subtle transition towards a different approach in the artist’s work, continuing to focus on the fragment, yet enriching it by adding a poetic note, inserting raw elements and organic textures instead of using only synthetic materials. We also notice a striking whiteness intended to hide, and in some cases, reveal new layers of meaning, combined with the natural colors of the earth, the overwhelming pressure of stones, the transparency and reflection of water and how it can leave a trace and change form, all in a constant oscillation between purity and impurity, a mystic rise and fall manifesting before the viewer in a state of atemporality.

Although vaguely familiar at certain points through the realistic perfection, the represented reality is not merely a replica of human anatomy, with conscious distortions, but a complex reinterpretation of how the environment, including the social landscape, shapes the individual physically and psychologically, with effects enhanced in a primitive, almost religious way. As expected, the sense of mystery is once again an important aspect, with the characters silenced by their anonymity. However, the uncertainty of the identity gives the spectator a powerful position, of co-creator, as he can complete the work in his own vision, according to a personal narrative. At the same time, the gestures remain key to decoding the works, as generators of emotions related to life and death, and carriers of meanings, sometimes reversed – the land weighing on the shadow – that balance between future science and dark magic.

“The real anatomy is transformed and reinterpreted; it is like the composition of my sculpture bears in mind the accidental amputations of the Greek and Roman sculptures during the past thousands of years. This fact symbolically resonates with the very amplification of my sculptures’ anatomic functions.” (Bogdan Rața)

BogdanRața - The Pressure, 2015

Bogdan Rața - The Pressure, 2015

‘The Pressure’, 2015, fibre, river stone, 66 x 42 x 27 cm

BogdanRața - The Cure II, 2015


‘The Cure II’, 2015, salt, polyester, resin, fibre, metal, pastel, 102 x 33 x 18 cm

BogdanRața - Deposition (After Rogierr Van Der Weyden), 2015

BogdanRața - Deposition (After Rogierr Van Der Weyden), 2015

BogdanRața - Deposition (After Rogierr Van Der Weyden), 2015

‘Deposition’ (After Rogierr Van Der Weyden), 2015, polyester, resin, fibre, metal, pastel, fabric, 160 x 105 x 66 cm

BogdanRața - The Lake, 2015

BogdanRața - The Lake, 2015

‘The Lake’, 2015, polyester, resin, fibre, water, paint, craion, 136 x 37 x 35 cm

Bogdan Rața - Haulier, 2014

BogdanRața - Haulier, 2014

‘Haulier’, 2014, polyester, resin, fibre, earth, paint, craion, glass wool, 153 x 37 x 35 cm





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Bogdan Rața is represented by Nasui collection & gallery.

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