The works of Zach Meyer

With an interest in drawing and storytelling, Brooklyn-based illustrator Zach Meyer creates insightful narratives, emotionally charged and visually powerful experiences.

We notice a great equilibrium between the theme of the artworks and the chromatic choice, color being used to highlight certain feelings of the depicted characters, to amplify the tension, the threat, the absurd or the unknown, or simply used to better outline a character, a concept. There are details and symbols that direct our thoughts towards meaningful interpretations, yet they also increase the mysterious force of the artworks.

We easily become curious to discover more about these puzzling happenings and moments, to understand the fragments, with cars burning in theaters before a very quiet and undisturbed audience, with wolves running in the urban landscape, far away from the forest where the boy awaits the bird with the key that may hold the answers, but raise new questions.

Zach Meyer




Skull illustration

Cheap Theatrics

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All images © Zach Meyer

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