Vivid Light @ Art Yourself Gallery

Vivid Light is the seventh exhibition of the project 11172014 launched in January 2014 by Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest, and presents a series of works exploring the subtle relationship between light and colour.

“Only those who love colour are aware of its beauty and immanent presence. It is useful to everyone, but it reveals the profound mystery only to its followers.” (Johannes Itten)

The exhibition shows that existence is beautiful… perfectly imperfect, and you can visit it until August 31st, 2014, to discover interesting perspectives.


Aitch, Felix Aftene, Gabriel Caloian, Codruţa Cernea, Mihail Cosuleţu, Cristian Crisbăşan, Suzana Dan, Amalia Dulhan, Andreea Floreanu, Cornel Lazia, Ileana & Cătălin Oancea, Dragoş Pătraşcu, Tudor Pătraşcu, Radu Rodideal, Adrian Sandu, Bogdan Teodorescu, Ioana Ursa.


© Aitch – Coffin / “Looking forward for that eternal vacation.”

Suzana Dan

Suzana Dan – Into the Light / “While sleeping in the brilliant light of the sun we make radiographies of our own dreams.”

Dragoș Pătrașcu

Dragoș Pătrașcu – A single pair of steps

Bogdan Teodorescu

Bogdan Teodorescu – La Grande Odalisque (after Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres) / “The term ‘zapping’ defines an automatism of everyday life through which the look without object loses itself in its own movement. It raises the question of tactics through which its active use influences the cultural production of private life and the strategies of resistance in front of the media coverage of intimacy”.

Felix Aftene

Felix Aftene – Vivid Light / “I worked with this conviction that the strongest and most vivid light comes from within.”

Tudor Pătrașcu

Tudor Pătrașcu – An answer to all possible questions

Amalia Dulhan

Amalia Dulhan – We are light / “We are light, we are dark, we are floating then we fall, we have skins and claws and hearts, we sink deep within each other and we shine and then it stops.”

Ioana Ursa

Ioana Ursa – Luxury

Codruța Cernea

Codruța Cernea – WindSkate Sail

Gabriel Caloian

Gabriel Caloian – Electromother

Ileana Oancea

Ileana Oancea – Glow

Adrian Sandu / Mihail Coșulețu

Adrian Sandu – W Lights / “W Lights = samples of nothingness. Increased particles floating in the atmosphere.”

Mihail Coșulețu – 4 x 1014 Hz

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