Victor Fota: Human Extension

The latest series of oil paintings Human Extension by Bucharest-based artist Victor Fota presents a new perspective on the relationship between man and technology, which does not necessarily have negative consequences, but can indicate the power of the human mind to create parallel realities and extensions that may lead both to satisfying one’s desires and also to spiritual growth and revelation, to better relate and understand the world which is greater than the eyes can encompass. Thus, responsibility becomes key in ensuring an equilibrium in this science fiction inspired universe of endless possibilities, as proposed by the artist.

Although the series is based on a different way of seeing, the viewer can only imagine what the characters in front of him or her are able to experience due to their extensions. The viewer is not given any glimpse into these futuristic perceptions and alterations of reality. What is visible in the works are the human figures and the machines that have become part of them, the curious symbiosis between creation and its creator, living as one in an unknown state that varies from anxiety to the highest pleasures.

Throughout his work, Victor Fota has remained faithful to the rigorous Flemish technique he described in our early interview. The transition to Human Extension is nothing but a natural continuation from the quantum mechanics or other scientific theories and phenomena defining his previous projects to a richer fantasy world produced by the same mind that has the ability to generate instruments for survival and evolution, as well as of destruction and chaos.

Victor Fota - Information Overload, 2016

Information Overload, oil on canvas, 70x70cm, 2016

Victor Fota - Anxiety Amplifier, 2016

Anxiety Amplifier, oil on canvas, 100x100cm, 2016

Victor Fota - The Peacemaker, 2016

The Peacemaker, oil on canvas, 80x120cm, 2016

Victor Fota - Body-Spirit Cleansing System, 2015

Body-Spirit Cleansing System, oil on canvas, 60x74cm, 2015

Victor Fota - Special Apparatus for Cheap High Pleasure, 2015

Special Apparatus for Cheap High Pleasure, oil on canvas, 54x100cm, 2015

Victor Fota - Tridimensional Blindness, 2015

Tridimensional Blindness, oil on linen, 40x40cm, 2015

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Images © Victor Fota

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Part of the works presented above were featured in the exhibition Retrospective Mindscapes, hosted by POINT Bucharest from September 30th through October 30th, 2016, on view during the 10th edition of the White Night of the Art Galleries – NAG#10.