Treipic – Urban Bike Tag organizer | Interview

In August 2013, ZED1 was invited in Romania, at the Urban Bike Tag event in Gurasada Park, along with Romanian artists Irlo, GAB and Treipic. Here is an exclusive interview with Treipic, one of the organizers.

After a first edition in September 2012, Urban Bike Tag returns this year with a new series of activities, from music and urban sports to graffiti & street art session. What determined you to launch such an event and how was the experience last year?  

Our experience as organizers/ promoters includes a series of events held by the cultural association Urban Vision, with focus on contemporary electronic music, but also on Graffiti or Skateboarding. The Summer Break festival already reached 7 editions, between 2005 and 2011, attended by 3,000 people.

Since 2012, we’ve changed the recipe and want to promote street art in Romania, as well as cycling (cross country / BMX/ MTB dirt), and still remain faithful to our first love, electronic music, in all its forms. Basically, we want Bike Tag to be an interactive event, where people can express themselves freely.

Our new home is now Gurasada Park. This location is a former military base built in the inter-war period, now transformed into a unique park, perfect for hosting events.


© Treipic

After 4 Graffiti and Street Art sessions, 4 warehouses now decorated with street art and graffiti elements, plus the buildings of the restaurant and accommodation. The place offers an unexpected visual journey. We also mention the artists present at the 3 creative camps: Suflo, Homeboy, Treipic, Oembe, GAB, Last, Nego, Fear, Allan Dalla (character of Obie Platon).

Italian artist ZED1 is special guest of the event for the graffiti/ street art session. Share a little spoiler about his work at the event.

I contacted Marco on Facebook and he was directly interested to join the event. He’s coming to Timişoara on August 24th and we’ll get to work starting August 25th, as there will be 6 murals to be completed and time is short.



Photos via Treipic

Marco Burresi aka ZED1 is a versatile artist, who easily manages to go from wall to canvas or graphic design.

His characters are perfectly defined and decorated with textures or costumes carefully chosen, he is capable of achieving harmonious shades, as if they were painted in watercolor, the work might not seem finished, but at the same time he is very focused on details.


Photo via Treipic

Puppets, elves, clowns and various imaginary characters inhabit the world of ZED1, the artist conveys a sense of danger and terror against what happens in the world, almost like a warning that he delivers to the viewer, so that he can be cautious against the surrounding system.

Tell us about the graffiti & street art guests from Romania. Irlo, GAB and Treipic were already announced. Are there any chances of new guests?

For this Graffiti and Street Art session we confine ourselves to 4 artists, this year’s budget allows us to bring a foreign artist and this alone is an achievement. We’re happy to have Irlo with us, a popular artist among those who know and love street art, plus the Urban Vision representatives, Treipic and GAB.




Irlo | Photos via Treipic

What other activities should we expect?


We have a Dirt Bike and 4cross contest with the best Romanian riders. The dirt park was built last year and upgraded this year. If you’ve never seen a back-flip live, you’ll be really impressed.

The location also had 2 cross country trails on a distance of 40 or 25 km and a Skateboarding zone.

You can also shoot with a bow or climb trees on 2 Adventure trails.


This year we have a diverse line-up and a very good sound system (Dynacord 20,000 watt): Jon Kennedy [UK], K-Lu [Audio-video set], MeeLooX [RO Ghetto Squad], TREIPic & Pietonu’ [4 deck set], HAz33 [HDMusic], Whiteroly | NEmo + special guest Dru Klein [USA].

We’ll also have visuals during the concert with the VJVJVJ team, where we’ll run films from daytime.

What are your future plans after this edition?

We plan to collaborate with Depozitul de Artă Urbană from Braşov, the organizer of Fatzada.

We’re anxious to get the local authorities’ accept for a large scale mural somewhere in the tourist center of Braşov, city where Treipic also did a mural on Postăvarului street.

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Final works at Urban Bike Tag event, 2013:


“The Hunted Hunter” by ZED1 via


“Search Inside” by ZED1 via

More photos during the work in progress phase here.

Irlo and Anda

Irlo and Anda | © Irlo

[Originally posted on August 7, 2013 on The re:art Facebook page; Revised and updated for the current version].