The Project Twins – James and Michael Fitzgerald

What we like most about the works of Irish based graphic art duo James and Michael Fitzgerald, known as The Project Twins, is the striking simplicity of how they represent concepts, emotions, thoughts or words. Their visually bold approach is often playful, curiosity, humour and wit being constant features in their art, illustration and design.

Their ongoing interest in observations and oddities fuels the duo’s creativity to offer extraordinary interpretations of the ordinary. When in front of their work, we also feel a powerful sense of unity, a strong connection between mind and soul, beautifully depicted by the two artists.

The Self

‘The Self’ / part of ‘Deception & Sacrifice’



Editorial illustration for Men's Health Magazine

‘Outsmart Your Brain’ – Editorial illustration for Men’s Health Magazine

Prevention Magazine

‘T’ai Chi’ – for an article on mind-body treatments and alternative therapies / Prevention Magazine

The Project Twins

Infandous: Unspeakable or too odious to be expressed or mentioned / Part of ‘A-Z of Unusual Words’ series


Ultracrepidarian: A person who gives opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge / Part of ‘A-Z of Unusual Words’ series


Yonderly: Mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded / Part of ‘A-Z of Unusual Words’ series


Montivagant: Wandering over hills and mountains / Part of ‘A-Z of Unusual Words’ series


Welter: A confused mass; a jumble; turmoil or confusion / Part of ‘A-Z of Unusual Words’ series

Images © The Project Twins

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