Ștefan Ungureanu – Ant generated future

When visiting the personal exhibition ‘Ant generated future’ by Ștefan Ungureanu, on view at H’art Gallery, one may experience a strange sense of taking part in a social experiment. Initially, the role of observer seems quite appropriate for the visitor’s status in relation to what he/she finds and considers for immediate research.

What is absent, out of focus in the exhibition will perhaps raise the first questions. There are no individual characters, only groups of ordinary people with no certain identity yet working together for what appears to be a common goal. There is a strong cohesion inside these groups and a clear understanding of the shared goal, although if only temporary, as in some cases the groups are randomly formed, but united by beliefs and causes that exceed individual needs and desires. Access inside the group is denied, so the nature of their relationships remains intuitive and of little importance in the show. The artist does create a state of tension between several groups, amplified by depicting them in conflict, in a dynamic way.

Then, there are the uniforms – the experts we can associate with defusing bombs based on their equipment. However, the object of analysis is not as expected, instead it reminds of the sun, but at a smaller scale, one which can be controlled, tested and manipulated. Along with the need to experiment and document the unknown, the future’s possibilities of development, there is also the constant return to origins, in an effort to understand human evolution, and in this sense the cranium drawings, positioned as a pyramid in the gallery space, have a powerful visual impact.

At some point, an attempt to identify with certain needs and actions of the group may occur, ending the show with a subtle change of roles and a moment of reflection.





Ștefan Ungureanu / detail

Ștefan Ungureanu

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Images © Ștefan Ungureanu

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