Saner – Primitivo @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Mexican artist Saner is currently having his debut solo exhibition ‘Primitivo’ at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York (529 West 20th Street), running through February 7th, 2015.

The show features works on canvas, paper and wood, and beyond the symbols that link to traditional Mexican customs, folklore and culture, a main influence in Saner’s artworks in general, this time, there is a focus on social and political issues, highlighting the contrasts between the assertion that we live in a highly advanced society and what we define as primitive, a rudimentary behavior and way of thinking that is rather dominant than absent in today’s reality: “For Primitivo, the artist created lively portraits of characters wearing Nahuale masks reminiscent of those found on the streets of Mexico and according to legend, have the power to transform human beings into animals. (…) Saner looks at our rapid urban development and questions the shift away from the natural world. Is modern wo/man really more sophisticated than our ancestors who were physically dependent on the environment?” (Jonathan LeVine Gallery).

It seems that the recent mass disappearance and tragic execution of students in Ayotzinapa has deeply affected the artist, who analyzes the outcome of destructive political leadership, the falsehood and fight for power of those who rule and hunt the frightened and ignorant heard, in a social system divided by poverty and war. Saner captures moments of violence, of people turning against each other, opposed to primitive love and guidance. Unfortunately, man has not learned from the past and, worse, he has forgotten the principle of oneness, shifting towards a mindset of otherness, which limits human relationships to an approach of powerful versus powerless. But there is a path that leads to escape and change for the generation that now rises and connects with the universe aiming to find the true story.

Saner - President of the World

‘President of the World’

Saner - The Liberator

‘The Liberator’

Saner - The Protector

‘The Protector’

Saner - Espiritual Guide

‘Espiritual Guide’

Saner - Auto-Defense


Saner - The Political Swindler

‘The Political Swindler’

Saner - People vs People

‘People vs People’

Saner - Primitive Love

‘Primitive Love’

Saner - Human Falsehood

‘Human Falsehood’

Saner - The Human Talking With the Universe

‘The Human Talking With the Universe’

Saner - The Next Generation Finding the True Story

‘The Next Generation Finding the True Story’

Saner - Government of the Heard

‘Government of the Heard’

Saner - Kidnapper System

‘Kidnapper System’

Saner - The Political System

‘The Political System’

Saner - Fighting to be a President

‘Fighting to be a President’

Saner - Vote for Your Government

‘Vote for Your Government’

Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Saner - Primitivo / Installation view

Saner - Primitivo / Installation view

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