Rubenimichi – Sol Negro @ Plastic Murs

There is something alluring and mysterious, and at the same time unsettling, in the recent work of artists Rubenimichi, who have been once again inspired by the occult symbolism of Saturn in their latest exhibition ‘Sol Negro’ (Black Sun), opening at Plastic Murs (Calle Denia 45, Valencia) on June 3rd (8-10 pm), on view through July 29th, 2016 (Tue-Sat, 12 pm – 2 pm/ 5 pm – 9 pm).

Without darkness there is no light. The eye is forever watching and from its hypnotizing gaze, both wisdom and fear emerge. As Roberto Salas explains, “in Sol Negro we commune with this dark, different and attractive knowledge, close to frivolity or to sadism, but also to the poetic, to the light and to what is inspiring. It is a contradicting and fascinating power full of chiaroscuro where we find rituals and young virginal goddesses and priestesses in Black Masses or Saturnalias, wrapped in romantic voluptuousness… In these paintings flowing like a torrent of occult imagery: the veil that covers and hides, the sickle, the Jimson weed, the little altars, the bones and all that is mortuary. The hexagon, the satanic triple six or the hexagram or six-pointed star, which is transformed to a perspective cube. But also the hexagon as the cell of the bee, representing secret societies. It is a cumulative game, yes but… Only a game? Or rather a language.”

Not one element appears to be introduced into the works by chance, there is a perfect equilibrium in the display of symbols, in how Nature follows and evolves from a cosmic geometry of darkness and enlightenment. What is simultaneously startling and arresting is the stillness of the scenery, and the recurring direct gaze that puts the viewer in the strange position of being urged to decipher this enigmatic language artists Michi, Rubén and Luisjo reveal and the understanding of which seems key in seeking knowledge, yet also feeling like an intrusive observer stumbling upon unexpected layers of meaning.

Rubenimichi - Hermandad VI

Rubenimichi - Jano lapis

Rubenimichi - Hermandad I

Rubenimichi - Pandora II

Rubenimichi - Mimas

Rubenimichi - Hiperion

Rubenimichi - CORVUS I

Rubenimichi - ANTOPHILA

Rubenimichi - Rea

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Images courtesy of Plastic Murs.

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