Recap: Andrea Wan – Fleeting Seasons @ BC Gallery

BC Gallery is hosting the solo show Fleeting Seasons by Berlin-based artist Andrea Wan, featuring her recent works, focused on the themes of transience and the eternal circle of life and death. Inside the characters of Andrea Wan dwell mysterious beings, while natural elements replace and sometimes break through the fragile skin of the female silhouettes. However, there is a recessive process of life and creation, as instead of blooming, the flowers and plants are fading suggesting a world in decay. Butterflies may be inserted as symbols of metamorphosis or to highlight the idea of freedom to travel between worlds, safe from degradation.

As for the seasons, the artist seems to have been inspired by autumn, nature’s process of transition from a state to another, used as a metaphor of the body’s incapacity to escape the inevitable decomposition. She also embeds small architectural elements – often stairways – that may lead the viewer towards the complex inner universes she creates that, at the end, may not vanish but rise again to take new forms of life.

We like her surreal yet still very graphic style, the expressiveness of the ink and gouache works and the sense of fascination that they offer by challenging the viewer to confront the impermanence of our continuously changing reality and the ways we relate to concepts like beauty.

Andrea Wan - Fleeting Seasons @ BC Gallery

Andrea Wan @ BC Gallery

Andrea Wan @ BC Gallery / Opening

Andrea Wan - Exchange


Andrea Wan - Untitled I

Untitled I

Andrea Wan - Faceless


Andrea Wan - Swarns


Andrea Wan - Untitled II

Untitled II

Andrea Wan - Pre-Beginnings


Andrea Wan - Magic forest

‘Magic forest’

Andrea Wan - Sedimentary Skin

‘Sedimentary Skin’

IGNANT visited Andrea Wan’s studio before the exhibition, here is an interesting video, directed by Sylvie Weber, featuring the artist working on several drawings that are part of her current show at BC Gallery:

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Images: BC Gallery

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