Preview: Ioana Sisea – Bleeding Gold @ Galateca

Galateca Gallery is hosting the exhibition ‘Bleeding Gold’ by Romanian painter, sculptor and ceramicist Ioana Sisea, opening Thursday, 5th of February, 7 pm, running through February 21st, 2015 (Tue-Fri 12pm – 8pm, Sat 11am – 7pm).

The ‘Bleeding Gold’ project is a reflection of the self constructed boundaries between individuals and the exterior world: “In my study I address questions about the ways in which we hide our traumatic experiences and how these can influence human interaction.”

Ioana Sisea - Bleeding Gold

Porcelain is used to represent one of the most expressive parts of the female body – the chest: “I cover this part with an even more fragile porcelain shell that is marked with wounds and scars. I use gold and glass to depict blood in order to underline the preciousness of trauma in defining our individuality and expanding emotional range.”

Bleeding Gold - Galateca Gallery

Together, the pieces define a topography of the body, similar to the geographical forms existing in nature: “External elements leave their mark over time gradually shaping the character of the landscape. Therefore, while the work is non-narrative in form, the marks offer a map through which past experience and future perspectives can be explored either reflectively or analytically by the viewer.” In the artist’s vision, “only the physical endurance of events can truly develop depth of meaning in life”.

Bleeding Gold - Galateca Gallery

The exhibition challenges visitors to confront their own vulnerabilities, represented by wearable porcelain sculptures, bleeding gold, as each experience shapes our path in life. People often wear these fragile shields to hide wounds in a society obsessed with personal success, meaning that any visible mistake along the trajectory of power and reputation can lead to exclusion or the merciless judgement of others.

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Find out more about Ioana Sisea on her website and Instagram.

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Guest artists: Alexandra Abraham – harnesses / Ilina Schileru – film / BOREALIS – music.

Curator: Ilina Schileru.

Images and video courtesy of Galateca Gallery.