Athen B. Gallery presents: Plenty group show

The group show ‘Plenty’ presented by Athen B. Gallery, on view through February 5th, 2016, features works by local and international artists approaching various themes.

From the bird-men conquerors of Saddo and his luxuriant backgrounds and elements of mortality, beautifully outlined in a mix of influences from old masters of 15th – 17th century, naturalistic illustration, pop surrealism, religion or mythology, to Pastel’s symbols of arrowheads and flora suggesting a dialogue about the nature of man and his surroundings; Michael Reeder’s portraits deriving from the intersection between realism and flat graphic space, with motifs focused on identity and the ego, to Laura Berger’s exploration of human connections, Sam Yong’s depiction of the complex relationship between living beings, and Jud Bergeron’s new perspective on the act of playing, the exhibition hosted by Athen B. Gallery in Oakland offers diverse visions of today’s concerns, behavior and emotions, as well as possible alternatives and the imminent consequences of our actions.


2501, Brett Amory, Christie Yuri Noh, Craig Rodgers, Gage Opdenbrouw, Grady Gordon, Jack Chappel, Jud Bergeron, Labrona, Laura Berger, Marcel Patzwald, Merijn Hos, Michael Reeder, MRSA, Pastel, Saddo, Sam Yong, Scott Cooper, Velia de Iuliis.

Saddo - Apex Predator I

Saddo - Apex Predator II

Saddo (interviewed) – ‘Apex Predator I & II’, acrylics on canvas, 17 x 23.5 inches, 2015

Pastel - Lethal Floral 02

Pastel (featured) – ‘Lethal Floral 02’, acrylic on canvas, 35 x 43 inches, 2015

Sam Yong - Rescue II

Sam Yong – ‘Rescue II’, graphite, gold gouache on Bristol paper, 8 x 11 inches, 2015

Michael Reeder - When The Fire Goes Out

Michael Reeder – ‘When The Fire Goes Out’, gouache and aerosol on wood panel, 11 x 14 Inches, 2015

Laura Berger - Personal Mountains

Laura Berger – ‘Personal Mountains’, acrylic and gouache on wood panel, 12 x 16 inches, 2015

Jud Bergeron - Playing with Trucks - Athen B. Gallery

Jud Bergeron – ‘Playing with Trucks’, cast hydrocal and steel, 24 x 30 inches, 7 feet tall, 2015

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All images via Athen B. Gallery.

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