Complex and thought-provoking artworks by PEZ

Nantes based artist PEZ goes beyond the marketing strategies of love brands and major events such as the World Cup or the symbols of religious celebrations, traditions and customs to reveal a harsh reality, a consumerist society driven only by money, ego and mass ignorance.

The deceitful illusions of today are cleverly depicted as a behind the scenes journey (or better said, behind the veil of pretty words and heavy advertising), in an attempt to make people aware of the social and environmental impact of their actions and of the habits and values they feel so comfortable with and cherish so much.

In most of the intricate illustrations by PEZ, we notice his inspiration from the Graffiti and Pop culture, that may have also influenced his artistic vision focused on meaning and conveying thoughtful messages to those who are willing to understand and contribute to change.

1981: A Street Odyssey

‘1981: A Street Odyssey’

PEZ - Always


Enjoy the cup

‘Enjoy the cup’

The Magic of Christmas

‘Ca sent le sapin’ (part of ‘The Magic of Christmas’ series)


‘(Dis)illusion’ (part of ‘The Magic of Christmas’ series)

Fa(s)t Life

‘Fa(s)t Life’



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Images © PEZ

More info about the artist on his website, on Facebook, Instagram, Behance.