Paul Vîrlan: Artistic moods and images of the self

Based in Iaşi, Paul Vîrlan is a Romanian artist specialized in digital illustration.

Paul Vîrlan

Self-portrait, 2013

“Besides drawing, I don’t do much. I try to combine spontaneous ideas with ideas I have written in a Notebook. I always have the notebook in my bag or in my jacket. If I don’t do what I like, I get angry.”



In his works, he depicts human figures and mythical characters, animals and geometric forms, images of the self and meditations on personal moods.

My Moods 1
My Moods 2

My Moods series

He was influenced by Van Gogh, Schiele, Matisse, Chagall. When he interacts with their works, he feels “something special”.

Love Story

Love story, 2013

He usually spends “two hours every day searching for illustrations, modern art and novelties. There are many and I forget the names and the works”.

Me and Society


Me and Society

He is inspired by good works, and if he encounters a failure in his own activity, a few silent days follow and he continues to search.





Overweight Tower of Pisa


Overweight Tower of Pisa

“He appreciates Romanian artists and would like to meet them all. About himself, he also states: “I am 22 years old and I write short sentences.”


At the Inspiration Table


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All images © Paul Vîrlan

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