Obie Platon – guest at Walk&Talk Azores Festival

Romanian visual artist Obie Platon will participate in the 4th edition of Walk&Talk Azores Festival, returning this year from July 18th to August 3rd in the island of São Miguel.

Walk&Talk Azores Festival 2014


About Obie Platon

One of the most active and creative Romanian street artists, Obie Platon has developed over the years varied, complex and distinct characters, each corresponding to a different platonic form and to one of the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether).

Among his five unique characters, the best known are Allan Dalla, the symbol of solid geometry and of earth, a mix of kinetic art and surrealism, built out of contrasts – and Pop Prince, a subconscious manifestation and a “freestyle” approach, revealing the commercial, naïve, aggressive and ironic aspects of reality.

Allan Dalla street art

Allan Dalla character / Roger Waters – The Wall, Bucharest, Romania, 2013 / with Cache (L.A.)

Allan Dalla Kero

Allan Dalla character / Bucharest, Romania, 2013 / with Kero

Pop Prince Irlo

Pop Prince character / Bucharest, Romania, 2013 / with Irlo @ Ironlak BBQ Burner

Pop Prince character

Pop Prince character / Bacău, Romania, 2013

His murals, taking inspiration from Romanian culture, social beliefs and popular imagery, but also from the geometry and philosophy of Plato, are constantly reshaping the urban landscape of big cities in Romania, but also in Germany and soon at Walk&Talk Azores Festival, thanks to ICR Lisbon (Romanian Cultural Institute), and other European street art scenes.

Allan Dalla character

Allan Dalla character / Germany, 2013

street art constanța

With Kero and Irlo at Port of Constanța, 2014

Street art Craiova

Craiova, Romania, 2014 / View more

Ciclop garaj

Allan Dalla character / Episode 3 group show at Ciclop Garage, Bucharest, Romania, 2013 / with Irlo and Homeboy (more info)

The work of Obie Platon also includes sculpture, installation, canvas, design. Here are a few of his recent sculptures:

Facebook sculpture

Digital Connection, 2014

Obie Platon artist

Modern Canvas, 2014



About Walk&Talk Azores Festival 

Launched in 2011 and organized by Anda&Fala – Interpretação Cultural, Walk&Talk Azores is a multi-dimensional and participative public art festival annually gathering national and international artists for a unique co-creation experience, consisting of artistic interventions in the public space, group exhibitions, performances, workshops, concerts and more.

“Each edition celebrates the regional culture and heritage, stimulates arts education and encourages a creative industry, valuing the Azores as an unparalleled creative destination. Promotes interaction and the artistic contamination of wider publics which usually don’t attend conventional cultural venues. Culminates with the creation of an outdoor museum, inclusive and democratic, where all communicate and to which everyone contributes”.

On this year’s line-up (announced so far): Hyuro (AR), Martha Cooper (US), Mariana Miserável (PT), Susana Aleixo Lopes (PT), Christos Voutichtis (GR), João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira (PT),  Iza Rutkowska (PL), Marlon de Azambuja (BR), Pascal Ferreira (FR), Labuena Ylamala (ES), Vieira Pereira (PT), Carolina Backlar + Jeremy Backlar (US).

Here are some highlights from the previous editions:

Further info on their website, on Facebook and Youtube.

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Images © Obie Platon

Find out more on his website, Facebook and Instagram.