Nostalgia Dawn @ Art Yourself Gallery

Nostalgia Dawnis the exhibition of June, part of the 11172014 project at Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest.

“Nostalgia is the inevitable, inopportune and indispensable awareness of a past moment, subjective and also essential, through a process often poetic offering unique and timeless perspective. (…) Nostalgia is not limited strictly to previous or real experiences, its land can include projections about the future, fantasies almost tangible about past historical periods or about other people’s lives and especially longings about things that we are sure that we will not ever be able to live because the chance has past”.

The exhibition can be visited until June 30th, 2014.


Aitch, Felix Aftene, Gabriel Caloian, Codruţa Cernea, Mihail Cosuleţu, Cristian Crisbăşan, Suzana Dan, Amalia Dulhan, Andreea Floreanu, Cornel Lazia, Ileana & Cătălin Oancea, Dragoş Pătraşcu, Tudor Pătraşcu, Radu Rodideal, Adrian Sandu, Bogdan Teodorescu, Ioana Ursa.

Amalia Dulhan

Amalia Dulhan

Amalia Dulhan

Amalia Dulhan – Rebirth of a damaged starlight / “Tonight I want to catch the sunrise…”


© Aitch – Once

Dragoș Pătrașcu

Dragoș Pătrașcu

Dragoș Pătrașcu – Tabloul ucigaş / Killer canvas – “Civilization wants something other than what culture wants.” (Nietzsche)

Cătălin Oancea

Cătălin Oancea – Cădere / Fall – “in dream, when the flight is flight, but also fall… “

Felix Aftene

Felix Aftene – Pelerini / Pilgrims – “I sometimes want to be a pilgrim with my father, to feel the scent of the dermis in the wind, to clasp his neck of happiness because we are together again”.

Ioana Ursa

Ioana Ursa – Nostalgia / “The main character in Nostalgia is a man deeply alienated from the world and himself, a man who cannot find the balance between reality and the ideal where he is heading towards. His nostalgia is due not only to the fact that he lives (…) but especially to his aspirations for an absolute existence.” (Un sfert de veac fără Andrei Tarkovsky, Marian Rădulescu, December  2011-

Gabriel Caloian

Gabriel Caloian / detail – Emisar al III-lea / Emissary III

Codruța Cernea

Codruța Cernea – Nostalgia / “Overlaying our own fantasies, not targeted towards the past or the future, but rather laterally, in a time beyond time, a time with a different texture, born from the slow pace of our dreams”.

Tudor Pătrașcu

Tudor Pătrașcu – Untitled

Bogdan Teodorescu

Bogdan Teodorescu – Conceptual Dream

Cornel Lazia

Cornel Lazia – Magic

Nostalgia Dawn

Andreea Floreanu – Deserted / “We often face a sensation of emptiness, with no glimpse of horizon, and this feeling does not occur suddenly, but it evolves. It appears when you realize you exist”.

Photos © The re:art / Translation by The re:art / View catalog.