The works of Nicola Alessandrini

Currently based in Macerata, Italy, artist Nicola Alessandrini brings hybrid creatures to life by juxtaposing the human body with animal elements.

Suffering is presented through its most dramatic state – the cry of a child, death becomes an inevitable experience of human life, absurd dialogues lacking any possibility of communication devour the subjects, and beauty no longer manifests itself in man.

The works introduce a totally different, torturing reality, one that we usually hide from and would rather pretend not to see, feel or filter through our thoughts.

Nicola Alessandrini

Cuore di porco / Heart of a pig

Per scoprire com'e fatto il mondo

Per scoprire com’è fatto il mondo / To find out how the world is made

artist Italy

In my past


Beautiful people

Artist Italy


Rifugi d’emergenza

Rifugi d’emergenza / Emergency shelters 

Nicola Alessandrini

Indoor mural

Indoor mural

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