News from Nowhere: Romanian Illustrators Today

Starting with the exhibition News From Nowhere, on view through January 8th, 2017, POINT Art Hub will set itself as a forum for contemporary illustration and graphic art. The group show is the first hosted by the Bucharest hub dedicated exclusively to illustration, gathering more than 30 Romanian illustrators, both established artists and emerging talents.

“As a genre, illustration has been born out of many things, grown broader in its context through new media and technology, and this has signified that illustration now shares a valid platform with fine art. Today’s illustrators go beyond caricature and visual representation to observational statements about current trends and popular culture,” explain the organizers.

Artists featured in the show include Aitch, Mădălina Andronic, Carine Arnakis, Cristina Barsony, Alina Bohoru, Matei Branea, Tiberius Ciucinciu, CoonOne, Iulia Ignat, Irina Maria Iliescu, Kape Illustration, Loreta Isac, Kitra, Alina Marinescu, Andrei Măceşanu, Timotei Nicolae, Alex Nimurad, Tuan Nini, Mircea Pop, Alina Popa, Mircea Popescu, Cristian Prandea, Sebastian Pren, Giorge Roman, Saddo, Alexandru Cristian Săvescu, Andra Semciuc, Andy Sinboy, Ileana Surducan, Maria Surducan, Ioana Şopov, and Sorina Vazelina.

It’s an exciting start and, hopefully, more names will be showcased in the near future.

News from Nowhere


In addition to the show, a two-day masterclass by Mircea Pop on the basics of illustration will be held on November 28th-29th, 2016, at POINT (General Eremia Grigorescu 10).





Photo by The re:art, artwork pic © Saddo

Mircea Pop

Mircea Pop

Mircea Pop. Photos: The re:art


Aitch - Head

Images © Aitch. Full series here.

Alina Bohoru

Alina Bohoru. Photo: The re:art

Giorge Roman

Giorge Roman

Images © Giorge Roman

Tiberius Ciucinciu

Tiberius Ciucinciu

Tiberius Ciucinciu

First photo: The re:art, following images © Tiberius Ciucinciu 

Mădălina Andronic

Mădălina Andronic. Photo: The re:art

Ioana Șopov

Ioana Șopov. Photo: The re:art

Irina Maria Iliescu

Irina Maria Iliescu. Photo: The re:art

Iulia Ignat

Iulia Ignat. Photo: The re:art

Cristian Prandea

Cristian Prandea. Photo: The re:art.

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