The arresting works of Myeongbeom Kim

The sculptures and installations of Myeongbeom Kim are a result of an intimate dialogue between the artist and the spirit of matter, and the complex world surrounding him, highlighting the conflicting relationship between nature and man-made objects, as well as the powerful contrast between the aspiration to achieve freedom and a reality of limit and risk, of continuous threat and imminent damage, especially to non-human existence.

And it is the fragility and lightness constructing the symbolism of carefully chosen objects – balloons, for instance – and various forms of life – with deer and trees as recurrent motifs, that oppose the sharpness and metaphorical weight of what feels like a permanent captivity and danger – the cage, the chains, the ax. Each work reveals its ironic tragedy, a controlled end or absurd disability rather than a possible beginning, a pressing restraint and no opportunity of liberation.

Both life and death are addressed in the works, which rely on perception, memory and experience, and aim to find or guide towards an answer. The emotion that Myeongbeom Kim offers the viewer is fueled by this state of irreversible harm, of confusion, unrest and anxiety in seeking the equilibrium that is currently lacking in how we relate to our environment and to the other.

MyeongboemKim - Untitled, balloon, steel

Untitled, balloon, steel

MyeongboemKim - Untitled, steel, stainless steel

Untitled, steel, stainless steel

Myeongboem Kim - Birdie, mixed media, 12x12x12 cm

‘Birdie’, mixed media, 12x12x12 cm

MyeongboemKim - Crutch, wood, deer foot, 23x5x150 cm

‘Crutch’, wood, deer foot, 23x5x150 cm

MyeongboemKim - Untitled, wood, ax, mixed media, 150x150x300 cm

Untitled, wood, ax, mixed media, 150x150x300 cm

MyeongboemKim - Rest, bed, lawn, mixed media, 190x250x100 cm

‘Rest’, bed, lawn, mixed media, 190x250x100 cm

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Images © Myeongbeom Kim

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