GIF art by Miloš Rajković alias Sholim

Belgrade-based visual artist Miloš Rajković alias Sholim invites us behind the scenes in society’s invisible structures, questionable values and inside the minds of politicians, military or corporate figures, and the ‘pretty faces’ that have become so familiar and part of our daily reality through advertising, fashion and media.

His GIF art challenges the comfortable mediocrity that people embrace nowadays, bringing into discussion in an Internet era full of ‘cute animals’ important issues such as war, corporate control, the obsession with money and social status, and the differences between appearances and what the artist believes lies beyond the constructed projections of reality according to the interests of specific groups and individuals. To do so, Sholim uses his satirical humor, which makes the works both serious and comic at the same time.

Miloš Rajković


Miloš Rajković

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Artworks © Miloš Rajković / Sholim

More info on his websiteTumblr, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Behance.