Memorie Urbane 2015

Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival, the biggest of its kind in Italy, returns with a new edition taking place from March to June 2015, in 7 cities, 3 provinces and 2 regions – in Gaeta, Terracina, Fondi, Arce, Latina, Priverno, Caserta. This year, the festival features 40 artists and aims to transform the most neglected areas and abandoned spaces of the cities in a major “open-air artistic lab”.

With over 90 walls already painted in the past editions, Memorie Urbane increases the number of artists, events and collaborations, having 40 guests from 13 countries and 3 continents: Italy, Lithuania, England, Poland, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Brasil, Argentina, Russia, China and United States, most of them for the first time in Italy.



From Germany: 1010; ALIAS; Ecb Hendrik Beikirch; Case Maclaim.

1010 - Mural at Marion Gallery, Panama City

Image © 1010

Case Maclaim

Image © Case Maclaim

From France: Shaka; Kan; Levalet; Jana & JS; Ella & Pitr; also from beyond the Alps – MTO. And from England – David Walker.

Jana & JS - In Situ Art Festival, France, 2014

Image © Jana & JS

MTO - The son of PROTAGORAS, Belfast, North Ireland, 2014

Image © MTO

Some for the first time in Italy – Adomas Žudys / AWK (Lithuania); Apolo Torres (Brasil); Bezt (Poland); Pichi & Avo (Spain); Doa (Spain); INO (Greece); Milu Correch (Argentina); Stein (Norway).

Doa - reforesting in Sober (Lugo), 2015

Image © Doa

BEZT - HOBO, Montreal, Canada, 2014

Image © Bezt (via Etam Cru)

From Spain: Btoy; Pablo S. Herrero. From Portugal: EIME and Frederico Draw. Ernest Zacharevic from Lithuania and Natalia Rak from Poland.

Ernest Zacharevic

Image © Ernest Zacharevic

From Argentina: Pastel (read interview), Bosoletti, Elian; Martha Cooper from United States; Alexey Luka from Russia and DALeast from China. A piece of Italy won’t miss: from Vesod to Pixel Pancho, passing through 108; Eduardo Tresoldi; Fra.Biancoshock (read interview); Millo.

La Escocesa Festival, Barcelona, Spain

Image © Pastel


Image © DALeast

Article updated on March 16th, 2015 due to changes in line-up. Full line-up to be announced soon.



Pichi & Avo were the ones to open this year’s festival with a mural in Fondi. They also had a solo show on March 7th at Basement Project Room.

Pichi & Avo - Mural in Fondi / Photo: Arianna Barone

Photo: Arianna Barone 

Upcoming personal exhibitions:

March 29th – May 17th – Martha Cooper, Contemporary art gallery “Giovanni da Gaeta”, Gaeta

April 30th – Levalet Solo Show, Aus+Galerie, Latina

May 7th – Eime Solo Show, Square 23 Torino

In addition to the application of plaques on the walls, with information about the artists and the promoters, the APP URBACOLORS from the French urbamedia (available on App Store and Google Play), will offer the possibility of geolocation of the walls. Also, through a partnership with Techmoving and its system KoinArt – the insertion of a microchip in the work’s plaque will give the possibility – just getting close with the smartphone by the wall – to have access to all the information on the work and the territory.



Memorie Urbane was born in 2011 from an idea of Davide Rossillo, president of Turismo Creativo, always a supporter of contemporary art as an element of cultural dynamism and social-economic, cultural and touristic growth strategy.

The festival, already known for having brought the urban art to Gaeta and Terracina, the first cities that have joined the initiative, moves perpetually with the historical, artistic and natural heritage and it’s also emphasized in the chosen name: Memorie Urbane, that reminds how the “memory” is considered essential as a starting point, even in an innovative process projected towards the future.

Here is a quick recap of the 2014 edition. View photos and videos on our website.

Bicicleta Sem Freio in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

Bicicleta Sem Freio in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

Pixel Pancho in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

Pixel Pancho in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

SETH in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

SETH in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

Agostino Iacurci in Arce / Photo: Dante Corsetti

Agostino Iacurci in Arce / Photo: Dante Corsetti

Eime in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

EIME in Gaeta / Photo: Flavia Fiengo

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