Low Bros – New mural for Urban Spree

Artist duo Low Bros have just finished a new mural in Berlin, for Urban Spree.

Inspired by Brazil, the piece shows a city surrounded by fantastic tigers, the scene creating a certain tension, as if the animals are ready to attack at any moment. This theme often occurs: “The protagonists of their work embody codes and attitudes of city life, which are in contrast to the natural purity of the animal and nature motifs, also integral to their work. This tension drawn from the ambivalence between urbanity and nature gives rise to a whole Low Bros universe.” And this new world is defined by geometric and organic shapes, cubic effects, vibrant colors and a variety of patterns, all contributing to their surreal imagery.

Formed in 2011, currently based in Berlin and part of The Weird crew, Low Bros is made up of brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt, formerly active as graffiti writers Qbrk and Nerd.

Finished wall

 Low Bros x Urban Spree, 2014

Low Bros in Berlin

street art Berlin

Urban Spree

street art

Work in progress

Low Bros

street art

street art Germany

Urban Spree

All images © Phillipp Barth

Info via BC Gallery.

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