Lia Bîra: “My work is all about honesty”

Lia Bîra confessed to us: “Home…that is the best definition I can give for art. My work is all about honesty, since when I develop my artistic work, I stand face to face with both myself and the world around me.
Some of the techniques I got accustomed to are installation, illustration, photography and graphic design”.






“Recall” series

““Recall” reveals my pedigree, a genealogy that is interpreted in a contemporary way. […] By observing the emotional activity, demographic data and relationships, I was able to create moral portraits of my family members. Along with the moral (subjective) portraits stand the physical (objective) ones – photos, documents. […] I tried to intercept not only the innocence of my family members, but also their vulnerability and multiplicity.

I highlighted my dearest characters (my mother, father, grandmothers, aunt, uncle), the connection between us (at different times in our lives) and also the memories. By observing certain moments of our lives, I tried to find where these moments stem from, just like a pedigree.”

Diary of a Lady

Diary of a Lady

“Diary of a Lady” series

“Behind every person you can discover a story. […] Starting from the documents and photos of a relative, whom I never met , I created a journal of this lady.”

Lia Bîra


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