The illustrations of Juliana Wang

The works of London-based illustrator Juliana Wang are very interesting through her approach to certain themes and issues, but also through her creative process, her distinct and varied colour combinations, fine textures and bold brush strokes that add a rich, vibrant and unique tone to her illustrations.

We also love the way she juxtaposes, intersects and overlays elements to create strong narratives where you always have the possibility of discovering new details that make the story even more appealing, and sometimes dynamic.

Besides her commissions and a graphic novel exploring cultural identities, Juliana Wang also teaches at The Prince’s Trust Drawing Clubs.

Juliana Wang

Asian fetishism

Asian fetishism

Part of ‘Asian fetishism: western stereotypes sexually objectifying Asian women’ for Bitch Magazine

Predicting the weather

‘Predicting the weather’

Rats infest

‘Rats infest’

Juliana Wang

‘England and other stories’: illustration for book review of Graham Swift’s short stories set in England, The Financial Times Weekend.

Skin I Live In

‘Skin I live in’



The Bone Clocks

‘The Bone Clocks’: illustration for book review of David Mitchell’s new novel, The Financial Times Weekend.

Noontide Toll

‘Noontide Toll’: illustration for book review of Rumesh Gunesekera’s Noontide Toll, set in Sri Lanka about a hired driver and his passengers, The Financial Times Weekend.

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Images © Juliana Wang

Find out more on her website, blog and Instagram. Visit her shop.