The Eastern inspired imagery of Jose Mertz

The works of Miami based artist and designer Jose Mertz propose an experimental journey with inspirations, symbols and themes coming from ancient civilizations and their teachings, science fiction, Eastern philosophy, dreams, myth and the supernatural, expressing his vision about the human condition.

The artist takes us to the deepest realms of the mind, reveals the complexity of human emotions, deconstructs and reconstructs his fluid characters and opens the door to new dimensions and endless possibilities of perceiving and interacting with our inner and surrounding reality.

Jose Mertz

Caves and maps, 2013


Half hearted, 2013

Mertz artist

Dust, 2013

Jose Mertz

Good bye again, 2013

drafting pencil on paper

Ambush, 2013

mixed media on paper

Diamond branches, 2012

mixed media on paper

God of Possibility, 2012

drafting pencil on paper

Let me talk to you, 2012

indoor mural

Volcano, 2013

All images © Jose Mertz

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