The works of Jiwoon Pak

The digital paintings and drawings of Seoul-based illustrator and artist Jiwoon Pak invite us to explore the irrational realms of existence, often focusing on the ambivalence of life, of feelings and various experiences.

We like how the artist infuses natural elements into her works, beautifully outlining her silent characters and creating a harmonious connection with the environment that sometimes becomes a camouflage hiding deeper meanings.

What we find fascinating in the works of Jiwoon Pak are the innocent, yet empty gaze – sometimes absent – of the human characters she depicts, mostly resembling children, and the idea of the self reflecting into the other. There is also a sense of mystery, amplified by the interesting choice of colors and interrupted lines as if all is about to unexpectedly fade away before us.

Jiwoon Pak

‘Memories made of thorn and dust’ (2014)

Wishes (2014)

‘Wishes’ (2014)

Crow island (2014)

‘Crow island’ (2014)

Letter from the forest (2013)

‘Letter from the forest’ (2013)

Frozen lake (2013)

‘Frozen lake’ (2013)

Hide and seek (2014)

‘Hide and seek’ (2014)

Cactus girl (2014)

‘Cactus girl’ (2014)

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All images © Jiwoon Pak

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