Ivan Bideac Photography

The works of Brooklyn-based photographer Ivan Bideac reveal an extraordinary vision that goes beyond the realms of our tangible reality into the unseen, the unusual, the unexpected.

Sometimes with an almost sculptural and minimal black and white execution, and in other cases resulting in an intense and vibrant, yet perfectly balanced visual experience, the series and projects of Ivan Bideac become part of a coherent discourse where meanings are no longer familiar, but rather deconstructed and rebuilt during the interaction with the viewer.

It seems that identity is a constant interest, with a tendency towards themes such as metamorphosis, skillfully playing with objects and even natural elements – the hair itself becomes a mask – to cover the face of the models, who are striking through their mysterious gaze, silence and stillness.

Ivan Bideac

“Monolith” for Schön! Magazine / August 2014


“Monolith” for Schön! Magazine / August 2014

Stylist: Taylor Brechtel / Visual Artist: Helena Zin Song

Make Up: Tatyana Harkoff / Hair: Seiji Uehara

Model: Veronica Losyuk / Red Model Management

Untitled / Heresy project

Untitled / Heresy project

Hair Stylist / Headpiece: Seiji Uehara

Wardrobe stylist: Sam Bates / Make Up: Susan Donoghue

Model: Amy Poole / MSA Models

Untitled / Heresy project

Untitled / Heresy project. Hair Stylist: Melissa Zola.

Untitled / Heresy project

Untitled / Heresy project. Model: Kara Neko.

 "Metamorphosis" for All Hollow Magazine / #5

“Metamorphosis” for All Hollow Magazine / #5

Taylor Burns / Major Models New York

Styled by Julia Andryeyeva / Visual Artist: DongHee Lee

Hair: Seiji Uehara / Make Up: Dana Arcidy

Ivan Bideac

Model: Giannina Oteto / Make-Up Artist: Tatyana Harkoff

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