Ioana Ursa – Portraits of artists | 11172014

In January 2014, Art Yourself Gallery premiered a marathon project, with 17 participating artists, for a period of 11 months, with 11 themes and 11 exhibitions, held on each 17th day of every month.

The artists: AitchFelix Aftene, Gabriel Caloian, Codruţa CerneaMihail CosuleţuCristian Crisbăşan,Suzana DanAmalia DulhanAndreea FloreanuCornel LaziaIleana & Cătălin Oancea, Dragoş PătraşcuTudor PătraşcuRadu RodidealAdrian Sandu, Bogdan Teodorescu, Ioana Ursa.

At the initiative of photographers Cornel Lazia and Cristian Crisbăşan, a new project was launched to reveal the Portraits of artists from 11172014 as they see themselves and are seen through the eyes of photographers.

Portrait of Ioana Ursa | Interview by Art Yourself Gallery

Ioana Ursa

What are you doing in your life? 

I feel that in my life I have not yet reached honesty with myself. It’s a constant struggle. I think I have not reached that installment attitude to remove what is a waste of time from what you thrive, you stand. I am trying to find, collect and remove all errors… From error understanding any action that is a result of a decision made ​​out of fear, frustration or carelessness. It’s annoying that new ones always appear… but there is more time if life follows its natural course. If I refer only to art in relation to life I am looking for a life… lived authentic, honest and as complete in terms of all capital experiences (childhood, love, birth, death)… for I can speak knowingly as an artist. That’s why I got to be very careful and not repeat myself… not to repeat too much similar experiences and remember the fresh feeling… brought as a future food for inspiration.

Ioana Ursa

Are you born an artist or do you become one? 

Although I was born with an obvious talent at an early age, I must admit that my parents made ​​the decision to pursue arts. I was just doodling all around, which brought them to exasperation. What makes you an artist…? It depends on the times and temperament. In my case, more sensitivity, talent, hard work and desire not to lose that feeling, feeling that you try in front of something you shudder… kind of a crazy fear of losing beauty and what it generates in your soul… I remember even now how much I got angry and still do if I cannot paint an afternoon light, or my painting has no music or perfume… and I still rely on memory that I still cannot reproduce it totally, visual and tangible in my art… I think I it is still frustrating that my own art did not release the memory. I think you become overwhelmingly an artist.

Ioana Ursa

What, where and how do you see? 

The material are seen pictures (real or mediated – film, photography) that usually inspires me through their significance and/ or their aesthetic beauty, color and light especially. Whenever the muses are of great interest… I am not cold to a beautiful face of a man or woman at some blue sky at a time undecided where the sun, wind and clouds are ready for a summer rain…

Cornel Lazia

How do you create and when are you ready to show yourself? 

I usually show myself hard, I am creating slowly, although I paint and draw fast… I show myself when I consider that my work is honest enough… when I feel like I didn’t cheat to expose and produce many works.

How do you see yourself in the 11172014 project and what do you expect from it? 

I think the challenge, besides exposing among a competitive group with a high artistic value, the visibility and originality of my own voice among many very attractive others. I see this marathon of 11 shows as a real workout, having something didactic and methodical deep inside… the necessity to respond within a certain time, on a certain date, at a certain theme… the themes are very motivating and the time is very short… you’re bound to special acuteness of the senses.

I like that I got total freedom in the project and Art Yourself Gallery is prompt and flexible in our proposals and our needs. I have not had the opportunity to deepen relationships with my group colleagues, mostly because of my busy personal program, but I hope that during this project, starting with this questionnaire and thanks to photographers Cornel and Cristi and the public we’ll start to know each other better. 

Photo: Cornel Lazia

What is the role of creativity and art in human life?

The role in my life is clear… I become crazy if I do not paint, draw – I think at this moment it is a therapeutic role, health for my soul and body…I feel physically sick if I take a break and I am not doing this.  In human life… I think it has a great power of liberation, inspiration, salvation and, last but not least, I think it is a genuine act of love for people who have the talent to create.

Ask yourself a question and answer it. 

“What is the thing you would give up creation for, in your art, if any?” 

Yes, I am not a total artist, but as my art feeds from my life… whenever I temporarily quit painting (certain, after time has passed I will get back) if this would become an impediment to the integrity, health and family happiness and especially my children; meaning only in very exceptional cases.

Photo: Cornel Lazia

Photo credits: Cornel Lazia and Cristian Crisbăşan