Ioana Lupașcu finds harmony in a chaotic universe

Ioana Lupașcu explores both illustration and photography. About her works she states: “The universe I live in is quite chaotic and I love it! I am inspired by every gesture, image or sound. I feed myself with little obsessions that tend to dictate my next move. I try a little bit of everything, however my basis consists in architecture and photography. I don’t always know how to answer the question “why?”, I create out of impulse and do not search for reason in what I do. I adore the state of timelessness that captures me when working or dreaming”.

Ioana Lupaşcu

Sketch Page

Featured in Formaje Sketch Page exhibition





Collaboration with Andreea Vlad

Collaboration with Andreea Veronica Vlad, featured in Visual Playground expo

All images © Ioana Lupașcu

More info on her website, on Behance (illustration) and Flickr (photography).