Incipit presents: Mosaic group show

Incipit presents the group show ‘Mosaic’, on view through January 10th, 2016, the first exhibition in the new space of Santa Croce, in Sapri, and a synthesis of the project’s journey and mission of establishing a dialogue and exchange between artists. It features works by both internationally renowned and local artists who have participated in the Oltre il Muro festival (view highlights from the 2014 edition) and collaborated with Incipit since 2012.

“Mosaic as metaphor to relate to each other’s individuality and context, local and global, to relate different ages: tradition and modernity, conservation and innovation. A dynamic conservation, which allows to connect the past to the present, with the awareness that art (public or not) is not enough to revive a place, but can act as incipit to reactivate human relations, dialogue and visions of another city by all its inhabitants.” (Antonio Oriente)

From Borondo’s Memento Mori installation to the thought-provoking works of Escif and Hyuro or MTO’s powerful and at the same time ironic pieces, the wired birds of Edoardo Tresoldi unable to fly above the walls and through chains, an arresting image of our own captivity, and the branches growing inside Pablo S. Herrero’s raven as a reminder that all is connected in nature, the exhibition creates an extraordinary intersection of concepts and artistic views that communicate as one to guide the viewer towards vital questions in today’s world and the possible answers.


Escif, Hyuro, Borondo, MTO, Pablo S. Herrero, Edoardo Tresoldi, Cyop & Kaf, Milu Correch, Malov, Alice Pasquini, Alleg, Opiemme, Diego Miedo, Nicozazo, Gennaro Ricco, Maurizio Villè, Roberto D’Agostino, Antonio Polito, Rosa Mannarino, Angela Mirabelli.





Borondo (featured)

Hyuro and Escif



Escif (featured) and Hyuro (featured)



MTO (featured)

Tresoldi - Incipit

Edoardo Tresoldi (featured)

Cyop & Kaf

Cyop & Kaf (featured)

Alleg and Pablo S. Herrero

Alleg and Pablo S. Herrero (featured)


Maurizio Villè

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