The works of Illustre Feccia

The works of Italian artist Illustre Feccia, as well as the oxymoron Illustrious Scum, are an expression of the absurd nature of things. The illustrations on paper and street pieces highlight the contrast between the past and the present, often approached with criticism, especially regarding the Western thought.

Mainly drawing in black and white, inspired by the Avant-Garde and Post-Romanticism art, by the Nihilistic and Libertarian philosophy, but also influenced by Punk culture, Illustre Feccia focuses on themes related to human alienation, metamorphosis, power and freedom, industrialization or solitude. Some of the works are a tribute to those who have been a great source of inspiration – Kafka, Modigliani, and others.

The artist, who was born in 1984, the year that George Orwell has predicted to be one of total human control through strict surveillance and manipulation, shows such a similar reality in his dark works, a world in decay, where individuals are represented as grotesque figures obsessed with gaining power. On the other hand, those who no longer matter, the powerless slaves of society, are left the sole solution to think, awake and change.

Torre di Babele

Illustre Feccia

Mister Moon

Illuminazione Lattea


Omaggio a Modigliani


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Images © Illustre Feccia

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