The works of Gola Hundun

Italian artist Gola Hundun creates connections between human life and earth’s beings, imagining possible ways of peaceful coexistence between species, a sustainable and harmonious world rising from the return to nature and spiritual values that have been lost in the rush for material things, a state of confusion and addiction which defines today’s society.

His works, ranging from murals to installations and objects, paintings, drawings and even live performances, encompass a variety of natural and cosmic elements, symbols and allegories, addressing themes such as collaboration versus domination, shamanism, vegetarianism, mysticism, and offering an alternative, sometimes quite opposite to our current reality and human behavior, seen as a cause of where we are now, but also as a potential to change for the better.



Gola Hundun - La Scelta, Ravenna, 2015

‘La Scelta’, Ravenna, Italy, 2015

“Starting from the central part, the intervention extends over the whole surface through two vertical directives.

At the top we have the contact with nature, a detachment from the anthropocentrism, the return to a sustainable ecosystem which sees the mountain as a symbol of awareness and harmony.

At the bottom, the artist embraces darker shades, nature is depicted brutalized by humans seen here as mere exploiter of resources and colonizer of territories as an unstoppable virus (…).”

(curated by Subsidenze, text by Antonella Perazza, photo by Marco Miccoli)

GolaHundun - Direzione, Racale, Viavai, 2014

‘Direzione’, Racale, Viavai 2014

Direzione is a mural that speaks about coexistence and sustainable path. The wall is conceived as a sacred apparition and feeds itself and described with a symmetrical and solemn taste close to religious art.

At the center of the composition is the deer god, symbol of the rebirth of nature and the cycle of the seasons since the Paleolithic cultures, is described here through vegetal elements and investigated as oracle and mouthpiece of a behavior, a direction in which Human beings should walk to create a sustainable future, the way of coexistence; a renewed sense of coexistence among men themselves, with the other species that inhabit the planet, and the planet itself (…).”

GolaHundun - Reorder Human Evolution, Poznan, Poland, 2012

‘Reorder Human Evolution’, Poznan, Poland, 2012



GolaHundun - Le Tre Fasi (Ascensione astrologica dello Scorpione)

‘Le Tre Fasi (Ascensione astrologica dello Scorpione)’, 41x31cm, watercolor on cotton paper, 2014

GolaHundun - Salire o scendere

‘Salire o scendere’, 48×34 cm, ink on cotton paper, 2011


Installation & object

‘La madre del sottosuolo’, 200x300x700 cm, mixed media, 2011, part of the project HIBRIDO (with Paulo Auma in Curitiba Brazil)

“It came from a vision I had of a big being that populates a future world, a world in which human beings lose control of their genetical experiment, and the new born monster/ animals go back to nature to live their existence. The creature I imagined is a kind of rainbow branched serpent that lives in the underground in loneliness, (…) the one I visualize is a pregnant female. She is coming to the upper world, the human’s world, to give birth to her baby. The baby is the one of the prophecy, the one who will bring equality in the world.”

GolaHundun - Floating away

‘Floating Away (Navigando sulla navecocco nello spazio)’, 60x50x30 cm, mixed media, 2012

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