Francesco Romoli and his vision of the future

Getting his inspiration from science fiction and fantasy, Italian artist Francesco Romoli (b. 1977, Pisa) creates interesting stories and imagery, as a result of his unique mix between photography and digital graphics.

In his artworks, he discards the old and imagines the new as a world of human-robot hybrids, of desolate landscapes and ruined buildings, lost in spaces beyond reality, sometimes filled with emptiness, human absence and non-existence.

Combining the real and unreal and opposing the present to a fabricated, yet perhaps inevitable future, the artist brings to light potential reflections of what was and will be.

You can (not) advance

You can (not) advance / Part of the Artificial Intelligence series

Cogito ergo sum(?)

Cogito ergo sum(?) / Part of the Artificial Intelligence series

Love of my life

Love of my life / Part of the Artificial Intelligence series

Postcards from the future

Francesco Romoli

Postcards from the future

Postcards from the future series

Imaginary towns

Imaginary towns

Imaginary towns

Imaginary towns series


Waters / Part of the Void I-V series




Towers / Part of the Void I-V series


Ghosts / Part of the Void I-V series

All images © Francesco Romoli

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