The misplaced situations of Fabian Bürgy

Swiss Sculptor and Digital Creative Fabian Bürgy intentionally rearranges and intersects fragments of reality, giving birth to unanticipated spatial connections, mastering materials to fit his conceptual situations and transforming mundane objects until they reach absurdity, no longer functional, as if they once had a clear identity and then permanently lost it through a simple juxtaposition and abrupt shift from their primary sense to a new meaning.

In his work, which includes sculpture, installation and digital imaging, the artist challenges the viewer to question the certainty of his world and exceed its limits to encounter a playfully thought-provoking yet unknown perspective, where probability becomes key to maintaining a balance between the real and the unreal – if one prevails, conflict and confusion risk to fracture understanding.

Either displayed through repetition or standing as one piece, the extraordinary interventions of Fabian Bürgy always have the power to capture our attention and absorb our thoughts delivering complex meanings in a minimalistic manner.

Fabian Bürgy - M Mors (2015)

‘M Mors’ (2015)

F. Bürgy - Embryomat (2014)

‘Embryomat’ (2014)

F. Bürgy - Missplaced Nature (2013)

‘Missplaced Nature’ (2013)

F. Bürgy - C'est fini! (2014)

‘C’est fini!’ (2014)

F. Bürgy - Sans tire (2014)

‘Sans tire’ (2014)

F. Bürgy - The most controversial thing (2014)

‘The most controversial thing’ (2014)

F. Bürgy - Faust (2013)

‘Faust’ (2013)

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Images © Fabian Bürgy

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