The murals of EVOCA1

We’ve discovered the works of Dominican born self-taught figurative painter, muralist and designer EVOCA1, currently based out of Miami, Florida, through his numerous collaborations with INOPERAbLE Gallery, including the recent ArteSano Project, and his participation at various international festivals and events focused on urban art.

What caught our attention are his thought-provoking and powerful murals often reflecting inner struggles and emotions resulting from the limitations and oppression of society over individuals, as consequences of poverty, inequality and privation of freedom. The sense of losing hope and perhaps the irredeemable human collapse create tension in the pieces, where birds seem to be symbols of a freedom that is almost out of reach for the less fortunate, while wolves rather act as obstacles between man and his dreams or goals for a better life. Therefore, the pursuit of happiness is nearly an illusion, constantly threatened by what divides us – the hunger for money and power, despite the suffering of the other.

Not only does the artist focus his attention on such sensible themes in his work, but since 2010 he established the Sketches For Mankind Project with the intention to “raise awareness to important emerging local and world issues through art, while raising funds for those in need in our community and abroad”, managing to feed and clothe 200 homeless people per month in Miami districts. It is an extraordinary example of how art can help communities by inciting dialogue, uniting people for good and, most importantly, leading to action in the benefit of those in need.

Enjoy our selection of EVOCA1’s recent murals.


‘The Host’, Providence, Rhode Island, 2014. Curated by INOPERAbLE Gallery.


‘Collapse & Adoration’, Tunisia, 2014. Mural for Djerbahood.

Requiem for Salvation - Wynwood

‘Requiem for Salvation’, Wynwood, Miami, 2014. Photo: Sookie Endo/ GullyArt.


‘Una Vida, Por Un Sueño’, Mexico City, 2014. Mural for INDELEBLE, commemorating the death of the thousands of Latin American immigrants, who have died crossing the border, using Mexico as a bridge into the United States. Photo by INDELEBLE.

Festival Latido Americano

‘There Are Still Things Worth Dying For’, Lima, Peru, 2014. Mural for Festival Latido Americano.

Losing Hope

‘Losing Hope’, Lima, Peru, 2014

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Images © EVOCA1

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