Ever – 头部 (The Head)

The solo show “头部 (The Head)” by Ever, presented by Dinámica at Laboratorio de Festival in Buenos Aires (Gorriti 5741), running through May 27th, 2015 (Tue-Thu, 8 pm- 00 am / Fri-Sat 9 pm- 1 am), features a monumental art installation based on the analysis of Chinese Communist posters, depicting Mao as a god with his head floating in the sky, as the sun shining over the crowd of devoted followers, and an icon of the Cultural Revolution.

The propaganda posters which inspired Ever in his exhibition represent the “idea”, that people blindly embrace and strongly believe in, according to the way they are depicted, always so small, with their forced smiles, fixed gaze and looking up to their sacred leader and almighty savior. The show challenges the viewer to think about why and how the communist theory fails in practice and the way it is absorbed by and often fully attributed to a figure exercising power. In order to highlight these aspects, part of the installation invites people to get into the head to experience the feeling that we are not loyal to the theory, and that idealization is as dangerous as it is obsessive.

The key message of the art installation is that it emphasizes the power of the idea, represented by three characters (performers) that go round the head, feeling that invasion, that invisible and intrusive force conquering our bodies, a communist tragicomedy and a tribute to the invisible, to what we are not able to see. At the same time, the artist reveals the contradiction of such a system, which, in the case of China, although led by a communist government, creates capitalist products.

Sculptor: Marcos Berta

Performance: Elsa Sauguet, Sebastian Reinoso Salinas and Ines Maas.

Ever - 头部 (The Head)

头部 (The Head)

头部 (The Head)

头部 (The Head)

头部 (The Head)

头部 (The Head)

 头部 (The Head)


About Dinámica

Dinámica is a project dedicated to urban art exhibitions, with the mission to promote, disseminate and expose such expressions.

After clearly leaving its mark in 2014, performing four exhibitions throughout the year, drawing a line through the different aesthetics that surround street art, Dinámica decided to expand its own borders, planning 5 exhibitions in 2015, pointing to an installative format, dominating and exploiting the exhibition’s space to the fullest. It proposes individual and group exhibitions with young artists from different circuits of contemporary art and urban artists who have also decanting the domain of painting to make their way towards the use of space and the site specific.

Dinámica is presented as its etymology payroll, a series of powerful exhibitions that break through in the art circuit, such as street art itself. The project is directed by two curators and producers, Camille Cousin and Lucas Zambrano. Dinámica is hosted by the Laboratorio de Festival’s exhibition space in Gorriti.

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Photos via Ever

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