The collages of David Delruelle

The collages of Belgian artist David Delruelle often refer to social issues, and reveal, through impressive visual contrasts or juxtapositions, primal states of man and his inner feelings.

The artistic quest of questioning the nature of each image, attaching a new meaning in an endless chain of possibilities, highlights the connection with the other, which actually becomes a reflection of the self. There is also a strong relationship built between man and nature, sometimes hostile, sometimes harmonious. The clash of cultures, the confrontation between the past and the future create a certain tension in the works, tempered however by the humor and irony of the titles, which are very important to the artist.

We invite you to discover an extraordinary fresh vision, a mindset refresh, that cleverly deconstructs beliefs and creates a reality which seems strikingly present.

David Delruelle



Spacemen Sandwich


Primal Fear


The Nest


Je est un autre


Intimate Strangers

collage art

Deep Breath


Used to be

All images © David Delruelle

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